Use A CD Label Printer To Boost Your Marketing

cd labels

Would you think that something as simple as a CD label printer can give your business’ marketing a great help? It may look like another simple piece of office equipment but you can use it better promote your business. And here’s how…

First of all you will have to see the ubiquitous compact disc in a whole new light. Yes, it can store data ranging from music to video files, but it is because of this capability that makes it such a formidable marketing tool. Just think about it. You can print anything that you want on that CD and then send it out to al of your loyal customers or even better, to your potential customers.

If you are in the events management business, you can store samples of the previous events that you handled and organized into a CD. Then you can mail out samples of your CD. People and organizations will then be able to view your video portfolio including your custom labels stickers. For better impact, hire a video editor so your compilation will look professionally done. Just don’t forget to use the best CD label printer so you can have the best-looking labels.

Are you a freelance graphic designer? While a printed portfolio would be the best because customers can immediately see your past works, however, when you need to connect with potential clients who are miles away from you a digital portfolio would be even better. Or you can just visit a client’s office and then after talking or presenting to them, you can just leave a copy of your CD which they can look at later to help them decide if you are the right person for the job that they want. You will come across to them as a professional and reliable contractor since you have your sample works in a ready format for their easy viewing.

Of course, these two samples on how you can use a CD for your marketing efforts would not be as effective if you will not use an attractive and professionally designed label. Choose a CD label printer that can print as fast as you need it to print, with as many CDs as you will need, and with the high quality of printing that would not be thought of as something that you have done at home.

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Tips For Better Sticker Printing

sticker printing

Are you familiar with using stickers as part of a bigger marketing campaign? It’s more affordable compared to other traditional print materials. However, not everyone is doing it right, especially with the printing part. Let us discuss that even further.

If you love to stick things around then this is the type of sticker advertising for you. And the great thing about it is that it will not cost you a lot of money. You can put your sticker onto almost anything: ballpens, notebooks, bags, caps, mugs, and also vehicles.

You might immediately think of pulling out your computer printer, buying some sticker paper and then design your own stickers using Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic design or image editing software. But would you really want to go that way? I’m not saying just because you are doing it at home that you cannot do it right. Far from that, actually that would even be better if you are just in need of a few dozen sticker print outs that you can use within your office or just to share among your friends.

Sticker printing using your own home printer is not usually at par with what the professional printers can do for you. Inks will not last as long and it is not as cost-efficient especially if you are aiming for stickers numbering in the hundreds or thousands. If you are serious with your sticker marketing, rely on expert assistance.

Find the best printer, and by printer again I don’t mean your home printer. Look for a printing company with a good reputation and experience, especially one who has done lots of sticker printing jobs. As for the reputation, that is quite easy to check. Either you can look for reviews on the web or you can ask for a short list of their previous clients. Contact them through email or phone and ask about their experience working with that printing company.

So when you finally find the right printer, stick with them (no pun intended) because for sure you wil want to do more print marketing in the future.

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Why Waterproof Labels Are Cheaper To Have Made Than Make

waterproof labels

We’ve all seen the label printing shops around town or in the mall, but how many of them offer quality waterproof labels? Not too many, if at all right? That’s because printing decals and labels that are water resistant isn’t as easy as it may seem. Anyone with a computer and printer can print their own labels, but not all can make them water proof.

You see, to be able to make labels that don’t disintegrate in water requires special paper and special inks. And if you think that’s the only problem, think again. It’s not easy to find those special paper and inks, and what’s more, they are quite expensive to purchase anyway. A sticker printing Melbourne can assist you with that. But does that mean that to have these special labels made would cost you a small fortune? Of course not. Let me explain.

If you try to print them yourself, it will cost a lot. That’s because for your purposes, you’d only be printing a small amount. But if a printer does it, it costs less because they’ll be printing a lot of those, for different customers. You get what I am saying? It’s like this. Say you want to make your own pair of jeans. That requires you buying the fabric, the man hours and the equipment. All in all, for a pair of jeans it will cost a lot. But if you buy from a clothing store, the price will be cheaper, yet the quality higher. Why? Because they mass produce it.

Same goes with waterproof labels. If you try to make them yourself, the cost of each sticker you make is expensive. But to have it made, it will be cheaper because the costs are offset by the sheer number of clients a printer has. It’s basic economics really. And it’s the same reason why, despite the proliferation of digital cameras, you still have them printed at a photo shop for cheap rather than print them yourself.

But now the question is, who would need these waterproof decals anyway? Ahhh, well if you have a car and want decals that stay on and look good even in the harshest weather, you’d need them. If you are a diver who wants a label of your company on your oxygen tank, you’d need them. If you are a meat packer and want your labels to be intact even inside the freezer, you’d need them. The applications are endless, and unless you need them, you won’t fully understand why they are sought after.

So if you need to have waterproof labels printed, no matter what purpose it may serve, ask yourself: will printing them on your own be worth it? Or should you have a professional handle it? Bear in mind that your stickers won’t come out perfect the first time, what with having to know the right mix of inks on which paper and color correction, and all that. So that adds to the cost. Unless you plan on printing thousands of these labels, better have the pros handle the printing.

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Develop Your Own Water Bottle Labels Style

water bottle labels

Who would have imagined that water, that most essential element, would eventually be made into a commodity? The bottled water industry is profiting at billions of dollars each year. Why? For the simple reason that people become thirsty, even when they are outside their homes. I’m not trying to be a smart aleck here. I’m just point out the obvious.

But what is not obvious to many business owners and marketers alike is that they should be spending a bit more time designing their water bottle labels with the assistance of commercial printing services. They should not be easily satisfied as long as they see their company logo on a bottle. There is more to these labels than meets the eye. And let us try unravel them all.

Alright, so the first thing that you should put on your water bottle label is the company logo. But do not just put it there just for the sake of having it there. Is your logo catchy? Is it identifiable? Because there is no sense in having a logo if people cannot easily identify it, or even remember it. A good logo immediately speaks out, letting the consumer (in this case the drinker) know about the company that has bottled the water for him.

The same goes with any other information printed on the label which a sticker printing Melbourne company can help you with. Many marketers feel the need to include everything on the label: company address, telephone number, website, email address, and so on. But if you ask me, among the important thing that you can include there are some health benefits of drinking certified clean water. Because that is what you are offering to the consumer, a bottle of water that you assure him is the cleanest that water can get. Let the consumer know about the benefits of water and soon your brand name will be the top of mind in your category. As they often say, small things can go a long way.

Choose water bottle labels that stick fast and strong to the bottle itself. All of your branding efforts would be wasted if your label would easily slip off the moment the moment moisture has built up on the bottle. So what this basically means is you should not scrimp on the quality of your label materials. Everything from the material where the label will be printed on to the adhesive to be used, all of these must be of good quality.

So if you are thirsty for a good marketing and promotional item, or if you are in the bottled water business, get the best labels for your business.

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What To Look For In Your Print Projects

Label Printing MelbourneHaving the right print projects done for you can increase your company’s sales.  What do you have to promote?  Why not consider a print project to do.  Before you do this, sticker labels, I’ve listed some things that you should look out for.

Printing Broker

Look at the print broker like you would a sticker label sales agent.  They are different then the sales person because they don’t take commissions from other sticker and label printing companies.  They work independently.  Not all printers are the same so you can benefit greatly by using a print broker.  Some printers are better to use then others and your print broker knows all about this stuff.

A broker makes money by tacking on something to your print project.  This isn’t the same as a commission because there is no vested interest in the company.

You can find print brokers online or in the phone book.  Before you select one to do your work for you check them out to see if they will do a good job for you.  You can ask to see samples of their work along with feedback from other clients.

Green Options

Today we live in the age of recycling.  It makes sense to do well for the outside and nature.  See if a printer does green printing, doing this kind of stuff impacts nature in a positive way.  Doing this reduces waste and fewer raw materials are used.  A company with a waste management process in place and recycled material options is therefore an excellent choice.

Printing Management

If you want to save on cost, you can manage your own printing orders yourself.  This only makes sense if you have a lot of spare time.  If you’re a big company, you have better things to look after than your printing.  Printing management usually involves seeing the printing process done from start to finish.  For larger projects this would include storage of the items until the printing job is done.

A trustworthy broker can frequently look over the job management. This particular examination is what makes paying brokers well worth it. Effectively, they don’t just pick clients with service providers. They can furthermore make sure that all aspects of the job are done right. 

A number of printers also propose their own printing management solutions. If you want to take out the middle man, this involves you contacting the printers yourself.

You can’t just go into print projects unprepared. If you desire an outstanding return of advertising investment, you could do with to making sure that you have all the right tools and resources in place. In the middle of the most vital ones to secure are a broker, green options and printing management systems.

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The Job Of The Print Broker

You’re going to be advertising your business; so to get it done the right way you’re going to want to hire a print broker.  A broker expert is not the same as your printing company Melbourne representative.  In most cases, a brokerage service will help you save a lot of money.

To start of with, a print management brokerage service is the business in the center position between a client and printing companies. What makes them unlike other typical sales people is that they are not officially working for other printing presses or companies. Print brokers don’t make commissions in the same way that internal sales personnel do. They are completely self-governing and take a cut from reasonable profit margins that they put on projects.

This basic description of print brokers is sufficient to give you a suggestion concerning what they do. Some of the things that they do should also engage in finding out why you should select to get their services instead of dealing directly dealing with the printing company. Can you save on cost if you go directly to the printer yourself?

Hiring a brokerage services is indispensable for some customers for a few reasons. One thing you want to think about is that you might not know what you’re getting yourself into. Think about this, getting a job done takes more than just telling a printer that you want such and such printed up. The print broker takes into account things as work flow, design implementation, material choice and delivery. A first-class print broker will be able to figure out the challenges in each of these areas and map out solutions even before issues come up.

Print brokers know all about what one printing company does over another one. This information saves you time when it comes to getting your printing done. One person might be an expert in one field over another person.  A print broker doesn’t have an interest in the company and is only looking for the best possible service for you.  You might have more than one job that needs to be done.  If this is the case, more that one printing company might be chosen.

Over a period of time, using a broker can save you money.  Even though you will be paying for a fee tacked on to the regular printing cost, this is time saved that you won’t have to do yourself.  The printing companies go that extra mile for a broker because they bring in a lot of business for them.

In fundamental nature, you don’t have to worry about the printing when you have dependable and highly regarded print brokers to handle the jobs for you. What you need to do is to find the best middle man or print broker that will give you the best service.

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Printing Flyers – Things To Look Out For When Promoting Your Business

sticker printing melbourneWho doesn’t know of a company that advertises their products and services on brochure printing Melbourne material?  Flyer printing Melbourne can be a great success if done the right way. So if you were just thinking about printing up some flyers, why don’t you just go ahead and do it. You want to keep these tips in mind that I found for you below.

#1- Settle for the right amount of appropriate content

Your flyer will have things on it that will tell the customer just exactly what you do. Don’t try and fit everything on this small piece of paper. Pick out one aspect of your company that you would like to tell others about. Doing more than one thing on a flyer will overload the customer and it won’t look good. Don’t forget to put your contact information and how best you can service the customer.

#2- Choose positive images

Things with lots of pictures are always pleasant to the eye. So when you put images on your flyer make sure they are positive pictures. You want your images to show beauty, happiness, security and contentment. A little child enjoying ice cream would be a great image for an ice cream parlor. You want to select an image that will help your customers remember things about what you do.

#3- Get attention with strong catchphrases

Headlines in the flyer should have a nice catchphrase. You can use the company’s slogan or words that you just want to use for your printing campaign. Make sure that when you print this that this is at the top of the flyers over the images. You want to grab the attention of people so that they will read what is on the rest of your flyer. You can use a question, a claim to success or a statistic statement that you have done.

#4- Use templates

Making your promotional flyer might seem easy, but using a template might be a better idea to consider. Designs should follow a set of rules which goes into making up a template. If the designing aspect of the flyer isn’t something that you’ve already done, this can save you a lot of time. You can find free designer templates online or in certain pieces of software. Ask your printer if they have any templates that you can use for your flyers. Your printer will have a good idea of what kind of design that you should choose.

#5- Make an offer

When you’re promoting an aspect of your business, you want to get the most out of your flyer design, so make some kind of offer. Something at a discount or a free consultation with something should do the trick. Make people act faster by putting in some sort of deadline.

You can get a lot of business from printing flyers out.

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